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Easy working standing up

Upstaa is a clever desktop stand that makes it easy to turn any existing desk into a standing desk. switching often between sitting and standing is healthy for you and keeps you fitter and more energetic during your working day. Sitting for too long hinders the circulation in your legs and arms and can eventually cause complaints to your muscles, bones, and tissues. A stiff neck, problems with your shoulders and arms, RSI and back problems are often results of a wrong sitting posture. It is not for nothing that sitting is called the new smoking.

Turn every desk into a standing desk

Upstaa is a cleverly thought out wooden stand that you can easily assemble and disassemble without tools, glue or screws. Time after time. As often as you want. The height is easily adjustable, so UPSTAA is suitable for people of all lengths. Whether you work at the office, a flex desk or at home, with Upstaa you can easily turn any desk into a standing desk. Upstaa makes standing work easy and affordable.

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We make Upstaa and Upstaa XL in four different types of wood and six different colours. We take people and nature into account in the production of Upstaa. For example, we only use certified wood from controlled forestry and we ship Upstaa in an efficient flat box guaranteed to contain 0% plastic or PVC.

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